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Our Mission

We use technology to help organizations distill their complex information management problems into elegant solutions. When you need a consulting organization that can handle deep challenges, from solution conception to architecture and development, we are here to help you. We offer a wide range of services and technology platforms aimed at building scalable, secure, cost-effective solutions.

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Distillant Technologies was founded in 2009 to leverage cutting edge technologies to make big data accessible and effective.

Distillant has built a name for itself with experience across a wide range of technologies and industries including fintech, legal, construction, manufacturing, network security, edtech, and real estate.

We offer expertise in data engineering, big data search and visualization, web engineering, devops, engineering management, and lean startup strategy. Distillant is ready to help bring your bold vision to life!

Patrick Conroy

Over two decades, Patrick has served as a startup founder, founding engineer and manager for several startups now worth a combined 2 billion dollars including ClassSeat,

Through Distillant, he managed data strategies for several of the largest litigations ever and built MVPs & POCs for a number of startups.

He currently serves as an advisor to early stage startups, and mentor to engineers starting out on their career journey.

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